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Society for Life and Human Development Initiative


·         To have a developed society where youth and women are well developed and are contributing to the process in their communities and the world at large

·         To develop quality and responsible leaders through increased young peoples’ decision- making skills, self –esteem, motivation and proficiency in fulfilling their responsibilities

·         To mobilize and strengthen community-based responses to provide support to the development of the community

·         To work with vulnerable groups and ensure access for the less privileged (vulnerable children, physically challenged) and their families to build livelihood and income- generating activities, essential services include education and health care services

·         To carry out an organized, relevant and specialized training and up to date carrier development programmes for youth and other stake holders with a view to improving and enhancing skills

To better create a change in the society especially in reproductive health and right of individual.

·         To network with relevant institution, agencies,  organizations (NGOs/CBOs) having similar objective nationally and internationally with primary aim of building and strengthening a better health programme capable of promoting growth and better health

·         To empower PLWHAS, OVC, Elderly Care givers with micro credits

·         To empower the communities to care for their members.

·         To provide vocational skills to PLWAS, Elderly OVC, Women, Elderly and the disabled.

·         To conduct and participate in research work in Social, Health, HIV related issues.


·         To provide training to enable them design and implement projects of the organization.

participatory learning

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  • participatory learning
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